The web version of this game may be prone to graphical glitches or performance issues. If you experience this, please try the downloadable version instead.


A game about RFC-1149, A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers.

Earn breadcrumbs by delivering packets from point to point. Be careful not to crash or  let the packet time out or it will be lost!
Earn 100 breadcrumbs to win. You can also keep playing and see how many breadcrumbs you can get.


Arrow keys/WASD: Move

Shift: Fly

Press the Up arrow or W while flying to speed up

C: Coo

Created for the 21st Godot Wild Game Jam in May 2020.

This game incorporates features that make it fun to speedrun - including deterministic randomly generated missions and an in-game timer. There are also "juicy" effects such as contextual ambient noise, trails, sound effects, camera shake effects, and more.

Source code:

Game & artwork by Jack LeFevre
Music by Adam LeFevre

Credit for memes included in this game goes to the following Reddit users:


Download 66 MB
Download 22 MB
wi-fly.exe 47 MB
wi-fly.x86_64 52 MB


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It was a little laggy on my mac, but still very fun. Good job!!

Had to download it, but runs great after I did.  The flying feels intuitive and smooth. A great blend of challenging and relaxing.

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Would love to play the game, but it gets stuck after pressing play. The screen goes white and the music glitches out. Might want to fix that.


If you're using the web version, you could try the downloadable version. There may be some bugs with the web version on different browsers, I haven't really tested it. If you're not using the web version, I would be very interested in what OS/version you're using so I can look into that problem.


That's probably whats happening. Looking forward to playing!


I just uploaded a newer build that fixes some issues with loading the game. If you get a chance, it would help me a lot if you tried it out!

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