NOTE: The web version of this game is prone to graphical glitches and performance issues. Please try the downloadable version if you have any problems.

(updated 2020-05-21 9:00pm EST to fix controls bugs)


Esc: Open graphics settings menu

Mouse & scroll wheel: look around

Space: Fire thrusters

Right click: Aim Backwards

Left click: Aim

R/Middle click: Reset

A game created for the 22nd Godot Wild Game jam.

This game uses procedural generated fractals for the environment.
The music was procedurally generated by Abundant Music and touched up and rendered with Musescore.

Fly your spaceship around infinitely detailed procedurally generated fractals, and maybe learn a thing or two about orbital mechanics on the way.

The graphics in this game are rendered using "Ray marching" (Also called sphere tracing), in contrast to normal 3d graphics which render triangles. Every object is represented by a unique mathematical function instead of a mesh of triangles. This allows for stunning visual effects like soft shadows, ambient occlusion, and glow, among others. This also means that mathematical functions representing fractals, called Kaleidoscopic Iterative Function Systems (KIFS), can be rendered, allowing infinitely complex surfaces to be rendered.

Note that running the game at a high resolution may require a powerful GPU .

Source code:


Download 42 MB
Download 31 MB
Linux.x86_64 56 MB
Windows.exe 50 MB


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Beautiful game, lovely music, and the detail is... well... infinte!